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Development of the
Sandflea and Redbud Garden Railway

Buildings, People, and Details

I am planning to build scenes that are whimsical in nature. I'll build most of the buildings "from scratch."

The first two buildings are associated with the troll bridge, which is described later. Below are a series of photos showing construction of the troll house. The house was made of popsicle sticks and other craft sticks glued on a wood form (Fig. 1). The house was painted all black to see seal it (Fig. 2). Red paint was brushed lightly on the wood for color, and the trim pieces were brushed lightly with white to highlight them. An aluminum roof was placed on the house to shed water. The roof was wiped with a wet paint rag to soften the metallic finish (Fig. 3). The finished house (Fig. 4) was placed under the troll bridge. Two trolls (purchased at a store) are beneath the bridge struggling with a bag of money. Fig. 1. Troll house showing stick slats and trim Fig. 2. Troll house painted flat black Fig. 3. Troll house painted red with white trim

Fig. 4Troll house in place under bridge

Below are a series of photos showing construction of the troll booth. The booth was placed at one end of the troll bridge. The booth was made of four pieces of cedar fencing nailed together to form a solid core. This was covered with popsicle and other craft sticks (Fig. 1). The booth was painted with several coats of flat black to protect it and fill all the cracks (Fig. 2). A thin coat of red paint on the sides and white highlights on the trim boards gave it a final touch. A shingle roof was added to the top (Fig. 3). The roof and sides will be given a protective coating of polyurethane after some aging and fading. The final photo shows the troll woman threatening the train or any others desiring to cross the bridge without paying the toll. The troll woman was constructed of Sculpey (see photos later in this section). Fig. 1. Troll booth showing stick slats and trim Fig. 2. Troll booth painted flat black Fig. 3. Troll booth showing shingle roof

Troll booth in place beside track

The series of photos below show various steps in making the troll woman. She is made of Sculpey, a clay product. A crude "skeleton" is first made of twisted aluminum foil (Fig. 1). The Sculpey is formed around the skeleton (Fig. 2) and carved into a form. The crude form was baked as directed. Ears, nose, mouth, and apron were then added, and the form was baked again (Fig. 3). The final figure was painted a flat color to protect it (Fig. 4). She was then given detailed painting and sprayed with clear polyurethane to preserve the finish (Fig. 5). She was placed at the end of the bridge by the Troll Booth to collect the Troll Bridge fees Fig. 6). Fig. 1 Troll woman skeleton Fig. 2. Troll woman showing Sculpey being formed around skeleton

Fig. 3. Troll woman formed and shaped Fig. 4. Troll woman painted flat cream color

Fig. 5. Finshed Troll woman Fig. 5. Troll woman at Troll Booth

Fig. 2. Stump House Village A village (left) of stump houses is under construction. Two stump houses have been built and are in place (below). They need additional detailing with people, etc.

Fig. 3. Stump House 1 Fig. 4. Stump House 2

Homesteader's Shack A Homesteader's Shack, built for a previous garden railway, was added temporarily to add interest.

Mansion A mansion was placed on the hill. It has a solar battery that illuminates the inside of the house after dark.

Hermit's Cottage A Hermit's Cottage was purchased as shown.

Train Station A Train Station "birdhouse" was purchased as shown.

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